Our Movement


  • We are organizing a movement for and by the people.
  • Democratic - each member gets one vote for managers and on key issues
  • Open Source - our tools will be Free as in Beer™ FLOS ( free libre open source )
  • Contributions -

「I've got time but no money」

  • Use the Our Movement App to plan and organize [ currently in closed beta ]
  • Educate yourself and others
  • Take Action
  • Lobby

「I've got money but no time」

Activism is hard and we know that life gets in the way.

We offer the ability to contribute to specific issues and mutual aid.

We appreciate your money but understand that it does not buy you a louder voice - one member, one vote.

  • We will not sell or share your contact information
  • We will not put you on a mailing list
  • We will not SPAM you

Please join our Co-Op and stand by for more information on how to support !